Thursday, June 16, 2016

When a Triangle Equals a Square

Do you remember this? 
ICE CREAM. First letter of each word spells

And do you also remember the rule for a triangle?

The following video by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg:  Arithmetic education for children: When are triangles squares? - is most informative.  More will follow on this post. 


AND THANKS TO TORAWARE we can search geometric possukim!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

My Bat Mitzvah is Erev Shavous 5776 UPDATE

This erev Shavous is a very special day for me. It is my bat mitzvah!  Erev Shavous 2004 - I became part of Klal Yisrael. The shiur given below by Rabbi Alon Anava - was a shiur meant for me to hear. Especially around the 33 mark and on, which speaks about refining the middot of being humble.

I HEARD AND UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE - it took 12 years and a messenger (Rabbi Anava) from HaShem to get it through my head! 

Hmmmmm, perhaps now that I understand, accept, as well as being cleaned these past 12 years like the barrel that was filled with water, but the holes in the barrel let all the water out as it rolled down the hill, (as told in another shiur of Rabbi Anava) - perhaps now - HaShem will indeed bring us home to greet Mashiach being that I am refining myself as I learn to be humble on the topic of aliyah with my spouse after listening to this shiur below. THANK YOU HASHEM FOR OPENING MY EYES AND THANK YOU FOR SENDING THE WORLD RABBI ALON ANAVA!

Women - if you wish - you can hear a birds eye view of my story on kolhalashon. I SING THE FIRST MINUTE before I am asked to stop (laughing here, I was told to give over my story exactly as I did on another phone line and as I do when I speak to groups, etc. - singing and props are part of my shiur). 
press 1 when you hear man's voice
press 5 " "
press 8 " "
press 1 " "
press 537 

2 ladies speak before me - listen for the 1st minute - when you hear "SHARING HER STORY" press 6 - (4 times to fast forward 5 minutes) press 3 (4 times to fast forward 10 seconds) and finally my story.