Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Seder and the Fifty Gates of Understanding

To understand how the Seder is supposed to facilitate our becoming a better "vessel" to receive the light of the Fifty Gates of Understanding, and to develop a more essential connection to Da'as Elokim, it is important to examine various aspects of the Seder itself, and the reasons for their inclusion.

After all, a mitzvah is like an envelope with a message inside; possessing the envelop is essential, but peering inside the envelope is the only way to fully understand the meaning of both, and how, as a unit, they pertain to spiritual perfection. This is the path that begins with pshat and ends with sod, and, as it says:

".....One who does not look into the sodos (mysteries) of the mitzvos of the Torah, to understand how they are rooted in the esoteric World Above.....will not see how to rectify the various aspects of that World...(Zohar, Parashas Terumah,165b)"

From the book Geulah L'Geulah - Rabbi Pinchas Winston. A MUST READ/HAVE BOOK! Redemption to Redemption   www.bookstore.thirtysix.org

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Power of Silence

 "Woe is to a man who lets something come out of his mouth who doesn't understand how he is saying it! Every word that comes out of your mouth is written and recorded whether for good or for bad. (Midrash Tanchuma) Can you imagine the scene in Shamayim when they play everything you said. You will realize that there are many things that you said that you wish you didnt! 

The Zohar says that when a person is born, Hashem gives them a certain amount of words for a lifetime and after they use up that number they cannot speak anymore! The Orchot Tzaddikim says that the tongue is very light and it goes very quickly, and we must weigh it down so we will not speak too much.........

One who is quiet is saved from many sins, Lashon Hara, lying, cursing, flattery, etc! Who is the person who has a HUGE portion of Olam Haba? Those who can take embarrassment without answering back! 

The Orchot Tzaddikim tells us to be very careful not to embarrass anyone, and we should not be bothered by someone who is trying to embarrass us. We should not bring up past pains. Don't tell someone, for example, oh you look gorgeous I remember when you were a fat boy! Don't even remind someone of painful times in joking manner! Do not remind a baal teshuva of his past life! It could be a joke to you, but painful for the other person!

The Chafetz Chayim says in the Mishnah Berura that if someone is in the process of eating something really good, and once he is about to go for another piece he stops himself, the Chafetz Chayim says that this is an affliction which atones for his sins. The Chafetz Chayim tells us that there is an even better fast than one of abstaining from food. This Taanit is called a Taanit Dibur a fast where a person abstains from speaking. He says that this is better for the body because when abstaining from speaking one does not harm the body, and it wont hurt his neshama or make him weak.

DO  READ IN FULL HERE by Rabbi Raymond Beyda   Photo credit

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Earthquakes In Brooklyn

Reading about about the earthquakes taken place within 48 hours here(in the comment field) and here and here, made me curious to know how many earthquakes hit my "neck of the woods." I remember/felt the quake in June of 2010. I was on the 5th floor and felt the floor shaking. I stood up and shouted "did you feel that...are you feeling this??? Get out of here now - it is an earthquake!" 


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meir Ettinger's 1st Blog Post

Tomer Devorah has given Jewish bloggers a challenge'. Let's flood the internet with  Meir Ettinger's first blog post.
I challenge all Jewish bloggers everywhere to reprint this - Meir Ettinger's first blog post. We'll prove to Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, the Shabak and whoever else is interested that they can't kill the idea - the Authentic Jewish Idea - as Rav Kahane of blessed memory said. And they can't silence it by locking people up and thowing away the keys. You can't stop the idea - it lives and breathes in every true Jewish heart the world over, in every generation and at all times. They can't kill it, they can't silence it and they can't escape the inevitability of it.


More are With Us than with Them: Meir Ettinger opens a blog

It Looks like There Are Not So Many of Us

but in Truth, More are With Us than with them
After receiving administrative orders, I, Meir Ettinger am opening a blog on Kol HaYehudi.
Two weeks ago, I received administrative orders to stay away from Yehuda and Shomron, plus a few other boundaries that I am forbidden to cross. I was placed in an interrogation room, into which entered a man who called himself Shoham. He brought with him the document detailing my restrictions. Shoham began to talk to me in a tone meant to frighten me. The truth is that I didn’t manage to bring full attention to what he was saying because I was a little bit busy with thoughts of where I would go in order to continue to progress with my work. Also I was thinking about how I could be effective once I am outside of Yehuda and Shomron. But, mainly I remember that Shoham was pressing me about my writings that were published on Kol HaYehudi. It seemed like Shoham, or whatever name they are calling him, does not like Kol HaYehudi. It was in this moment that I accepted upon myself to open a permanent blog on Kol HaYehudi.

Among the many directives that were in the administrative orders, such as not to go to Yehuda and Shomron, as well as other restrictions on where I can go, was the requirement that I visit the police station every week, to sign that I am still alive. This is the reason I thought, that to make their work easier, I would try to publish something here once a week so in case there are some problems with the computer, and Shoham will not get the update that I am still alive, he can see my blog post here and continue sleeping b’shalva, without worrying about my peace and personal security.

HaShem told him to curse

There has been a debate for years as to how to deal with administrative orders. In the last years, we have seen this phenomenon of administrative orders becoming a daily thing. It looks like the government is becoming more and more afraid of the people.

We can learn much from the deeds of Dovid HaMelech, detailed in the story of his escape from Abshalom. In the middle of the escape and while on the road, Dovid HaMelech met Shimi ben Gera, who cursed him with many curses. Avishai ben Tsruya wanted to kill Shimi but Dovid HaMelech told him no, saying HaShem had placed the curses in his mouth.

The Jews from the pitiful anti-Jewish department in Shabak, who are signing these administrative orders, all of those who took on the names Aidan, Itama, Shoham, Avichai, Dan or whatever name they are using, all of them are poor of nefesh and are like children growing up among wolves. We have to remember that from their side they are absolutely certain that they are helping Am Israel and they really think that we are threatening the broken reed upon which they are sitting. Of course, none of them is clean from cruelty and evil. And each one will be brought to judgment by HaShem. But, for now the majority of the government is sure about the correctness of its way.

The possibilities we have in our hands to fight against these orders are limited and we are “speechless” like the “sheep before the shearer.” Right now it is very hard to imagine that we can succeed in explaining to and convincing people so far away from HaShem and from His Torah. And even for those among them who are keeping the mitzvot, they are so deeply corrupted by the governmental structure that it is hard to open their eyes to their mistake. B’ezrat HaShem in time our efforts will work and the realities will change. We will also reach them and they will, in the end, be at the head of the camp.

The tzibbur in general is nearing fatigue from this struggle and for those who are ready to carry on, it is a shame that he should be taken off his main task in life. Instead of fighting the orders, it is more worthwhile to be focused on our main task which is teshuva—personal and for Am Israel. Because of this, in relationship to the orders and to those who are giving them, we must focus on the pasuk, “HaShem said to him curse.” We shall continue in our work wherever we are or wherever they put us—to call in the name of HaShem and disseminate Jewish ideas. When we will be successful in our deeds the orders and restrictions will be canceled as a consequence.

More are with us than them

The King of Aram issued an arrest order for Elisha HaNavi. In the morning the servant of the Tzaddik awakened and saw that the entire city was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers. With worry he asked Elisha HaNavi, “You my Lord, what will we do?” Elisha answered him simply, “don’t be afraid because more are with us than with them.” Elisha prayed and said, “HaShem, open please his eyes to see,” and HaShem opened the eyes of the boy and behold there was a mountain full of horses and chariots of fire surrounding Elisha.”

For most of us our eyes are a little bit tired and we feel lonely in the battle against the crushing powers of MOSAD. We have to pray intensely that HaShem will show us all the Jews who are with us—more than with them.

The privileged ones already see and know of the miracles that HaShem is doing and will do each and every day. They see how He is escorting His trusted soldiers. Those who are not yet privileged to see can for certain ask others in Anshei Yehudi, because they know all the miracles better than anyone else.

We, b’ezrat HaShem, have been privileged since we received the last orders to see how many Jews are with us, how great is the warmth and love with which we are surrounded, how many gifts we have received, and telephone calls all of which makes us stronger. We see the simple love of our close and far-away friends. We see how many good Jews want to help!

More are with us than with them.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Eretz Yisrael -

Free Online Book

The Teachings Of
HaRav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook
Commentary by
Rabbi David Samson and Tzvi Fishman

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Baal Worship Begins April 19th In NY City! Thanks ISIS!

Golus Mitzrayin Geulah L'Geulah

It seems as if Golus Mitzrayin, which can be traced back to Yosef (and the loshon hara he spoke), was an exile of da’as. It had been Paroah’s role to constrict the flow of Da’as Elokim to the Jewish people, to loosen their connection to the Fifty Gates of Understanding; to make a division between Elokim and Hashem in the minds of the Jews.

Hence, the Egyptians didn’t merely enslave the Jewish people, but they enslaved them bepharech (bais, peh, raish, chof), Shemos 1:13.) which literally means “hard work,” but which the Talmud (Sota 11b.) understands to mean, b’peh rach (bais, peh, (heh)…raish, chof)- soft mouth. And, though Moshe had claimed to have “uncircumcised lips,” he had been chosen by God to free the “mouth” of the Jewish people, thereby making it possible for them to re-connect up to the da’as of the Fifty Gates of Understanding. Perhaps this is what is meant by:
 From a man’s mouth you can tell what he is. (Zohar BaMidbar 193)
 For, it seems, there is an inherent and intimate connection between the mouth and da’as, and Yetzia Mitzrayim surfaced that connection, so that every Jew in each generation could “look at himself as if he too left Egypt.” (Haggadah shel Pesach.)

Redemptionto Redemption: The Very Deep & Intricate Connection to the Holidays of Purim and Pesach (Softcover, PDF, mp3)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ad Masi HaShem!?!

!קבץ נפוצות קויך מארבע כנפות הארצ

Gather in the dispersed, those who yearn for You
from the four corners of the earth. (Isaiah 11:12)
PLEASE/אנא Hashem! Ad Masi! 

Hear and let it penetrate / filter
from your brain to your heart to your actions
עמלק/Amalek = 240 
קץ כל/end to all = 240  
ספק/DOUBT = 240
Rabbi Sholom Gold in his article "Shall We Ascend the Mountain" quoted Reb Dovid: "Reb Dovid quoted the Yid HaKodosh who said that though every Jew must strive to fulfill all the commandments of Torah, there are commandments unique to each individual from the time of creation and for which he came to this world. How, asked the Yid HaKadosh, should one know what is the commandment destined for him? He replied, THE MITZVAH TOWARD WHICH ONE FEELS DRAWN AND LONGS TO FULFILL.

Tractate Niddah 70b Tefillia without action – One without the other is insufficient. Prayers must be accompanied by action.

Hidden Motives: Just as the spies had hidden motives the same holds true in our times, even among rabbis, rebbes, and Chassidim. This one has a good rabbinical position; this one is an established Admor, and this one has a profitable business or factory, or a prestigious job which provides great satisfaction. They are afraid that their status will decline if they go to Eretz Yisrael (The author of Sefer HaBrit (Vol. 1, 9:16) writes in a similar vein as he bemoans the lengthiness of our exile.) – page 50 EIM HABANIM SEMEICHAH

The author of Ya’arot Devash writes that all the hardships that befall Israel are due to improper leaders. Ya’arot Devash, vol.1, on the blessing “Return Our Judges”.

The prophet Chaggai cries out: And now, thus says the Lord of Hosts, “Consider your ways (RASHI: meaning, your business). You have sown much, but bring in little; you eat without being satiated….; you clothe yourselves, but no one is warm; and whoever earns wages earns for a bag with a hole. (RASHI: Any profit you make perishes, just like one who places money in a pocket with a hole.” (Chaggai 1:5-7) THE MIDRASH INDICATES that this entire verse refers to those who refuse to ascend to Eretz Yisrael! Midrash Tanchuma, Tetzaveh 13)

The holy R. Eliyahu of Greiditz (whom the author of Nefesh Chayah calls, “the holy rabbi who resembles an angle of the Lord of Hosts,) states… “Furthermore, human intellect dictates that we initiate the process of redeeming the Land, and then HaShem will complete it. One must understand the great importance of this matter, for the evil forces (kelipah) gain strength even among the most righteous individuals in order to nullify this good. The reason there are tzaddikim who oppose this is because the kelipah has become strong within them. It entices them to nullify this great matter for which the Holy One Blessed be He, constantly longs. He longs for us to yearn to return to our forefather’s’ inheritance, for every Jew has an obligation to strive to return to our Holy Land……

“Those who tremble at the word of HaShem however, stood on the side and refrained from sharing in the work [to build the land with the irreligious whose desire was to return to the Land of our forefathers]. They stood by their age-old claim, “It is preferable to sit and do nothing.” In the meantime, these “initiators” began rebuilding our Holy Land (so may it continue and prosper), while the Orthodox Jews and the tzaddikim stood aloof. It is clear that he who prepares prior to the Sabbath will eat on the Sabbath, (Avodah Zarah 3a), and since the Orthodox did not toil, they have absolutely NO INFLUENCE in the Land. Those who toil and build have the influence, and they are the masters of the Land. It is, therefore, no wonder that they are in control, for He who guards the fig tree will eat its fruit (Mishley 27:18).

“……….Now, what will the Orthodox say? I do not know if they will ever be able to vindicate themselves before the heavenly court for not participating in the movement to rebuild the Land, and for not heeding the call of these tzaddikim of the generation.

The author of Chovot HaLevavot, in his introduction, writes, “One of the components of caution is not to be overly cautious.” (Lev Tov edition vol.1, p.51) He further states that if every person who is involved in something positive would wait silently until all of his requirements are fulfilled, no one would accomplish anything.

Tehillim 90:3-4
You bring man to the crushing point, and You say, "Return, O sons of men." 
4:For a thousand years in Thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, {N}
and as a watch in the night.

Where are we holding at....what is the time now in HaShem's clock? When will the above take place - the final gathering....the last minute gathering right before the "big event" or after the "big event" takes place? The answer is: We are holding at mincha time (must hear shiur H/T ShiratDevorah).

Rabbi Shimeon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) – (80-160 CE)
“With this book (Zohar) of yours, the people will be redeemed from exile with mercy” (Zohar III, 124b)

“In the sixth century of the sixth millennium, the gates of the supernal wisdom will be opened, as will the springs of the earthly wisdom, preparing the world to be elevated in the seventh millennium”(Zohar I, 117a)

The Zohar (Balak 212b) describes a catastrophic tragedy that will befall future Rome, where "three great towers will fall":

I will show you, but not for now, for these things will only come to be at that time, some after time and some in the days of Moshiach. "A star has gone forth from Yaakov..." (Numbers 24:17).
This teaches us that in the future, The Holy One, Blessed is He, will build Jerusalem and one star will spark within 70 pillars of fire and 70 sparks will receive light from it in the middle of the sky. The other 70 stars will be swallowed within it. It will give off light and blaze for 70 days.

At the end of the sixth day it will become visible at the beginning of the 25th day of the sixth month. It will be gathered in at the end of 70 complete days and be visible in the city of Rome, and on that day, three great walls will fall, a great hall will fall, and the power of that city will die.

The September 11 attack may be hinted to in this Zohar. Amazingly, the attack on "three great walls" occurred on the 23rd day of the sixth Jewish month, Elul. According to some commentators going back hundreds of years, the accurate text of the Zohar is "23rd day" not "25th day," since the latter can never fall out on "the sixth day" of the week. This is due to a calendric technicality whereby Rosh Hashana, the first day of Tishrei, never occurs on a Wednesday.

Why does the Zohar mention Rome? Ancient Rome fell over 1,500 years ago, and nothing like this has occurred in modern Rome? READ MORE HERE 

And this is for you a sign when you see eastern ??? in Damascus fall the kingdom of eastern people and then it will be the birth of the redemption of the Jews (if someone will translate this better - please do so in comment ALSO GOOGLE DAMASCUS TO GET UPDATE ON THE RUINS OF DAMASCUS)

 Adam's descendants have corrupted the world with immorality, idolatry and robbery, and Hashem resolves to bring a flood which will destroy all the earth's inhabitants except for the righteous Noach. (Look at all the flooding in various locations AND WHAT IS PLANNED WITH THE PLANET NIBRU!)

NEXT month [This month now! April 2016 H/T Devash], the Temple of Baal will come to Times Square. Reproductions of the 50-foot arch that formed the temple’s entrance are to be installed in New York and in London, a tribute to the 2,000-year-old structure that the Islamic State destroyed last year in the Syrian town of Palmyra. The group’s rampage through Palmyra, a city that reached its peak in the second and third century A.D., enraged the world, spurring scholars and conservationists into action. Numerous nongovernmental organizations are now cataloging and mapping damaged cultural heritage sites in the region.

LONDON, Dec. 28 (UPI) -- Replicas of an arch in the 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel, among the last remaining parts of an ancient Palmyra, Syria, structure demolished by the Islamic State, will be erected in London and New York.

The temple has been systematically razed, with the 50-foot-tall arch among the few remaining elements of the building still standing. The temple, dedicated in 32 A.D. to the Mesopotamian god Bel, attracted 150,000 tourists per year until 2011, when the civil war in Syria began.

The full-scale replicas, now under construction in China, will stand in London's Trafalgar Square and New York's Times Square during World Heritage Week in April 2016. 


Thinking this along with 9/11 and attacks against Yidden and the property of Yidden WOULD WAKE US UP and we would leave for Eretz HaKodesh. I end with where I began this post. 

Hear and let it penetrate / filter
from your brain to your heart to your actions
עמלק/Amalek = 240 
קץ כל/end to all = 240  

ספק/DOUBT = 240