Thursday, April 7, 2016

Golus Mitzrayin Geulah L'Geulah

It seems as if Golus Mitzrayin, which can be traced back to Yosef (and the loshon hara he spoke), was an exile of da’as. It had been Paroah’s role to constrict the flow of Da’as Elokim to the Jewish people, to loosen their connection to the Fifty Gates of Understanding; to make a division between Elokim and Hashem in the minds of the Jews.

Hence, the Egyptians didn’t merely enslave the Jewish people, but they enslaved them bepharech (bais, peh, raish, chof), Shemos 1:13.) which literally means “hard work,” but which the Talmud (Sota 11b.) understands to mean, b’peh rach (bais, peh, (heh)…raish, chof)- soft mouth. And, though Moshe had claimed to have “uncircumcised lips,” he had been chosen by God to free the “mouth” of the Jewish people, thereby making it possible for them to re-connect up to the da’as of the Fifty Gates of Understanding. Perhaps this is what is meant by:
 From a man’s mouth you can tell what he is. (Zohar BaMidbar 193)
 For, it seems, there is an inherent and intimate connection between the mouth and da’as, and Yetzia Mitzrayim surfaced that connection, so that every Jew in each generation could “look at himself as if he too left Egypt.” (Haggadah shel Pesach.)

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