Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In a Blink - Moshiach is Here - Let's not get nuked

If we Yidden don't do teshuva, yikes - geula will take place as we all know like this - chas v'shalom! 

When Rabbi Anava speaks about electronics with the iphones -I direct you back to my blogpost here

Be sure to pay attention the 12:16 mark. AND LISTEN TO THE QUESTION at the 16:36 mark. DON'T GIVE UP! LOOK AT PICS THEN HEAR VIDEO FOR EXPLANATION...

When Rabbi Anava speaks about one of HaShem's names on EREV SHABBAT (18.27 mark) WE CAN PULL THE NESHAMA OUT OF THE KELIPA OF THOSE YOU LOVE TO SAVE THEM (22:20 MARK) you will see a refuah!!!!!!!!!!

HaShem at the flood sat enthroned. Seldom has G-d's omnipotence been as pronounced as during the Flood in the time of Noah. Then, the universe came to a standstill and life was nearly wiped out. When the entire earth was covered with water, G-d reigned alone in silence, while man and beast who had disobeyed Him were washed away. That degree of sovereignty will be manifest again in Messianic times when idolatry and wickedness will be uprooted.  (Artscroll Tehillim)


  1. 613, you're consuming yourself and your time reading nonsense, like what Bill Gates has to say, or Ted Turner, or some other secular news stuff. Rather than waste your strength there, focus on the light, because a little light (of Torah) dissipates a lot of darkness. You're steeped in the darkness and thereby, I repeat, thereby, you give it lifeforce. Let Hashem handle it, think good and things WILL be good. Don't get caught up in armageddon scenarios. Moshiach is soon coming and here you are pulling your hairs out for nothing.

  2. Vanguard, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. However,you lead me to believe that you cut me off in mid sentence with what you wrote. Did or have you listened to shirum from Rabbi Anava? I have and he gives over Torah which is light .. whic is emes. I DO THINK good and I also see simans staring me in the face. Many before the kurban also thought good and where did they find themselves? I'm not pulling m

  3. service cut me off in my reply. I'M not pulling my hair out. I simply wish to be where my desire is....and that is to be in Eretz Yisroel. My title post is to grab attention. I know in HaShems timing everything is and will be. When I get to a computer I wish to put a link to your torahware gematria site.

  4. Alon is a good friend of mine. He just moved to Israel. For years we davened in the same shul in Crown Heights. Kol tuv!