Monday, May 23, 2016

By George! I think I have NIBRU in sight!! UPDATE

These pics are all taken on my Samung - I was going to share on Instagram and noticed I could choose different filters! Nu??? Sure would like to hear comments on this one.

Devash, what do you think!?? Is it something to be excited about?! I was walking on the avenue to the lower streets and the sun was on my right. 9:00 ish. The bottom right itzy bitzy dot is reflection of my camera. 

Because of Devash's reply to "Concerned" - I uploaded the original pic and a 2nd pic that I took. The first pic is on one side of the street and the other on the other side of the street - and because I moved the itzy bitzy flare from my camera moved as well. I chose the 2nd pic to put on post with all the filters. The reason the roof tops don't show in pics below in filter is because Instagam only allows so much to show.


  1. I see a few things that could be it or something traveling with it, but nothing clear enough to say definitively. And that's the most maddening part of this whole thing.

  2. The Niburu theory is being used to divert people from seeing the real cause of so many anomalies happening on the planet. The real cause is CERN. They are altering our magnetosphere, endangering us all, and causing an influx of radiation that will show up as higher cancer rates. Don't be fooled.

    PS If you really want to see if it is niburu or a strange interaction between light and technology (no, I don't mean a lens flare- there are more things that can cause this!) then do the following next time you see something like this:

    Take your camera and while watching the picture turn your camera clockwise a full 360 degrees. Did the round orb stay in the same position related to the sun as you were turning it the whole way around? If so, that's interesting.

    What usually happens is that the orb doesn't stay in the same position relative to the sun, and then you know this is just technology altering the light.

  3. Concerned, it's just the opposite. If the "thing" doesstay in the same place, it's not real. If it is really something located near the sun, it will change positions - not because it moved, but because you or your camera moved!

    Remember, we are not standing, facing the Sun in a straight line. It is over our heads and we stand perpendicular to it. That means if we see an object "above" the Sun and turn ourselves (or the camera) a quarter turn to the right, the object will now appear to be at the nine o'clock position. A half turn back will make it appear to "move" to the three o'clock position and so forth.

    1. and to show Concerned that what you stated is correct, I included the original 2 pics before the filter (I only chose one pic to filter)

  4. I should aldo say that when I crossed the Street I turned my Samsung horizontally. NOT a full 360 like concerned suggested I do the next time. I am drinking my morning coffee now and trying to figure out how the pic would be different if I snap another pic after rotating 360???? I am right back where I started from unless I did not take pic in the exact precise location as my hands would have shifted. Are you talking about the itzy bitsy flare or the big ball at the 3ish position.

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