Friday, May 20, 2016

Leaving Galut with Mercy!

In our generation it is not only permitted but also suggested to learn Zohar and Kabbalah, as it is mentioned in the Zohar that with the book of Zohar we will go out of Galut, as it says in the Zohar, in the part called: Ra'aya Me'hemna 'רעיא מהימנא' - In Parashat Naso, part Gimel page 124/2 קכד,ב

בגין דעתידין ישראל למטעם מאילנא דחיי, דאיהו ספר הזוהר, יפקון ביה מן גלותא ברחמים" (בזכות שעתידים ישראל לטעום מאילן החיים, שהוא ספר הזוהר, יֵצאו מהגלות ברחמים)

Translation: In the merit that in the future the Jews will taste from the tree of life, that it is the book of Zohar, the Jews will go out of Galut with Mercy

So not only that it hastens the Geula BUT also with Mercy! Be'raChamim!!!

And not only the Zohar, also all the teachings of Jewish mysticism such as Kabbalah and Chasidut hastens the coming of Mashiach  

Of course one needs to learn with the right teacher so he/she will not fall.


With the above reply to questions I emailed Rabbi Anava,(videos on right side of my blog) - my question of learning Chasidus - Kabbalah and the Zohar is now settled. I am happy to know that The Tanya - I learned and am learning, with the bits and pieces of Kabbalah - gematria, etc... is not going to "make me meshugha" and I should continue my small doses daily as time permits a woman to do so. 

I am given below some links that have been in my  "bookcase" for some 12 years now. Please leave more links to others in the comment field. 
LET US HASTEN LEAVING THE GALUT WITH MERCY but organizing learning of Tanya, Chasidus and Kabbalah on Shabbos night with the women in your circles. (will do this soon as it is erev Shabbos)


Now I wish to turn your attention to how Chutz La'Aretz Rabbonim keeps their kehilahs in a galut mentality by the excerpt I give below (source)

The Result of the Charedi Position: Failure to Prevent the Holocaust

The ultra-Orthodox opposition to Zionism – whether for principled reasons or because of weakness and excessive caution – had historical consequences, in Hungary of 1943, that cannot be ignored or explained away. Rabbi Teichtal's words in this regard are direct and painful:  (blogger: might I add that history repeats itself, c'vshalom this should take place again - the point I wish to make is that HaShem has an open door to aliyah. We do not know how long the planes will be flying in the air - we do not know when our government will not allow flying to our land, etc. And the thinking in galut is still THE RELIGIOUS should not have any part of the rebuilding of the Land alongside the seculars!)

Furthermore, if all of Klal Yisrael would have agreed to rebuild the Land it would have already been built-up and perfected enough to absorb a large portion of the Diaspora Jews.  A great number of our fellow Jews who were recently killed (due to our numerous sins) would have been saved, for they would have already been in Eretz Yisrael.  Who will accept responsibility for the innocent blood that has been spilled in our days? It seems to me that all of the leaders who prevented the people of Israel from joining the builders cannot cleanse their hands and say, "Our hands did not spill this blood!" (Devarim 21:7).[6] (pp. 23-24)

These words were written with insight and wisdom and have indeed come to fruition regarding today's Orthodox Jews.  Due to excessive caution they kept their distance from the builders, and now we are void of goodness.  The paths of goodness are desolate, and the habitation of salvation has been abandoned.  We could have saved thousands upon thousands of Jews who were killed or who died unusual deaths (may the Merciful One save us).  Yirmiyahu's prophecy has indeed been fulfilled through us, "My tent has been plundered, and all my cords have been broken.  My children have left me, and are not more" (Yirmiyahu 10:20). (p. 25)

There is a direct causal connection, Rabbi Teichtal asserts, between the possibility of the Holocaust taking place and the opposition to Zionism that preceded it. These are not the words of a Zionist, anti-Charedi leader. They are the words of a Charedi rabbi from Hungary, and his pain and sense of guilt cry out bitterly. The Holocaust was not only a decree of fate, or an accident, or the result of anti-Semitism. It was a blow to which Divine Providence had earlier provide the antidote, but the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox public, its rabbis and its Admorim, failed to prescribe this antidote, nor even to warn of the approaching blow. There is no way to separate the blow from what came before – the grave spiritual mistake and religious sin in opposing Zionism, and the failure to participate in the process of redemption.

Rabbi Teichtal does not assert that the Holocaust happened because of the Charedi anti-Zionist policy. Rather, he argues that perhaps some of its catastrophic consequences could have been prevented. Still, it remains for him to explain why this catastrophe was decreed at all, from a historiosophic point of view – i.e., from the point of view of God's guidance of history:

 It seems, however, quite incomprehensible why HaShem would do such a thing.  Why would He bring us Mashiach by way of great afflictions?  Is HaShem incapable (God forbid) of saving us without great misfortunes?  Could our righteous Mashiach not come with an abundance of good? (p. 94)

 This question will be addressed in the next section of this lecture.

READ THE COMMENT BELOW and also see the link to Devash's latest Nibru post.


  1. Neshama left a notable comment on this blog : Things are getting worse and eventually AIR TRAVEL WILL NOT BE WISE/POSSIBLE!"

    Foretelling that ALIYAH and ESCAPE TO ISRAEL might not be possible!

    Plus the very recent Egyptian aircraft that plunged to destruction, and they termed it bad for tourism. Tourism? How about war planes dropping like flies from lack of Radar. Such are the wonders of Hashem.

  2. Hashem says "My ways are not your ways" which means we really cannot know for sure the "Whys". But, one thing is certain, even before WWI and after WWI there was an abandoning of centuries of religious customs (Halachos) by many Jews of Europe. At one time even non-Jewish women covered their hair, but with the Reform Emancipation corruptive theology many gave up yiddishkeit. WWII as foretold in Bechukosai (this week's Parsha) didn't have to happen but it did, which means that an imbalance had to be balanced. I have a book by Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt'l called "Divine Madness: Defense of Hashem in the Matter of the Holocaust." I purchased this to answer some of my questions, and plan IY"H to read it during the Three Weeks. You may want to look at this in the Eichlers if they have it, as it goes into some depth. It may answer some of your doubts.

    Personally, I believe the devastating fire in Alberta, Canada, the downing mysteriously of several planes that have never been found could all be caused by Meteors or other debris.