Sunday, May 29, 2016

Man is the Builder of Reality

The light bulb turned on for me! This took place after reading Fabric of Reality (actually all chapters from Rabbi Pinchas Winston's Torah Empowerment Seminar) 

G-d is prepared to allow man to determine the direction of the next moment. In fact, He prefers it, which is the deeper meaning of the following remarkable statement:

This is what Dovid HaMelech said, “God is your shadow on your right side” (Tehillim 121:5): Just as a shadow moves in the direction of what casts it, so too does God cause the worlds to “shadow” the actions of man. The Midrash states explicitly: “God told Moshe, ‘I will be what I will be’ ” (Shemos 3:14). What does, “I will be what I will be” mean? Just as you are with Me, that is how I will be with you . . . If you laugh, [the Divine Presence] laughs. If you cry, it cries. If you show anger or joy, that is what it will show. (Nefesh HaChaim, Sha’ar 1, Ch.7)

Thus, man is the builder of reality. God responds to the reality that we construct.

THIS SAYS THAT IT is man who dictates the future. History responds to his will. If a person is convinced that reality is fixed and concrete, and as a result can only imagine it to remain that way, that is what it will do. If he thoroughly believes that reality is flexible and subject to..... (turn the light on (wait til you finish this post of mine though!). 

With the above stated - how does one go about setting their future - To have their desires' fulfilled - after all we should know that HaShem gives us our desires. "You open Your hand and satisfy every living thing
[with] its desire. (Tehillim 145:16)"

In the mind's eye one should see the diagram of the sefirot and imagine how yesod  connects all the abundance of the sefirot above, with malchut below. source

Diagram from Aryeh Kaplan-Sefer Yetzirah The Sefirot are the means through which G-d communicates with His creation. They are also the means through which man communicates with G-d. If not for the Sefirot, G-d, the Infinite Being, would be absolutely unknowable and unreachable. It is only through the Sefirot that He can be approached.

Of course, as all the Kabbalists warn, one should not in any way worship the Sefirot or pray to them. One may, however, use them as a channel.....In a mystical sense, the Sefirot form a ladder or tree through which one can "climb" and approach the Infinite. 

Page 21 If one wishes to influence anything in the physical universe(space), he must make use of the physical shape of the letters. If this involves a meditative technique, one would contemplate the appropriate letters, as if they were written in a book. The method involves making each particular letter combination fill the entire field of vision, eliminating all other thoughts from the mind.

As time allows, I will update with other meditations.


  1. The end of your post speaks in words of “practical Kabbalah” which is not recommended for most people. Careful. I say this from my heart to enter your heart. It says, “Hashem leads one in the way s/he wishes to go”. As you wrote above, "You [Hashem] open Your hand and satisfy every living thing [with] its desire. (Tehillim 145:16)” Davening to Hashem and asking that He help you achieve your wishes is the best avenue to travel. Prayer, Emunah and Bitachon! If you don’t agree, please challenge me.

    1. Oh, I most certainly agree, Neshama. It is told of the 3 that went into Pardes only 1 came out - Rabbi Akiva. This above "scanning" is something all Yidden do in their tefillos every day (אנא בכח גדלת יםינך תתיר צרורה.......)

  2. I wish that HaShem gives you and your family all that you deserve and more. The family is a unit. I am still doing the erev Shabbat Tehillim for you.

    1. Thank you, Neshama. In HaShem's perfect timing we will be home in Eretz HaKodesh.