Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Power of Silence

 "Woe is to a man who lets something come out of his mouth who doesn't understand how he is saying it! Every word that comes out of your mouth is written and recorded whether for good or for bad. (Midrash Tanchuma) Can you imagine the scene in Shamayim when they play everything you said. You will realize that there are many things that you said that you wish you didnt! 

The Zohar says that when a person is born, Hashem gives them a certain amount of words for a lifetime and after they use up that number they cannot speak anymore! The Orchot Tzaddikim says that the tongue is very light and it goes very quickly, and we must weigh it down so we will not speak too much.........

One who is quiet is saved from many sins, Lashon Hara, lying, cursing, flattery, etc! Who is the person who has a HUGE portion of Olam Haba? Those who can take embarrassment without answering back! 

The Orchot Tzaddikim tells us to be very careful not to embarrass anyone, and we should not be bothered by someone who is trying to embarrass us. We should not bring up past pains. Don't tell someone, for example, oh you look gorgeous I remember when you were a fat boy! Don't even remind someone of painful times in joking manner! Do not remind a baal teshuva of his past life! It could be a joke to you, but painful for the other person!

The Chafetz Chayim says in the Mishnah Berura that if someone is in the process of eating something really good, and once he is about to go for another piece he stops himself, the Chafetz Chayim says that this is an affliction which atones for his sins. The Chafetz Chayim tells us that there is an even better fast than one of abstaining from food. This Taanit is called a Taanit Dibur a fast where a person abstains from speaking. He says that this is better for the body because when abstaining from speaking one does not harm the body, and it wont hurt his neshama or make him weak.

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  1. Goldie, a very good post. Words of Emes and Daas!

  2. I thought so as well, Neshama. After reading the article, I just had to post for my readers - as always thank you for commenting

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