Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Ten Plagues - We Have Them Now


When the oil spill took place in the Gulf just over a month and a half ago, I grabbed my wife and said, Hey Hun…what does this picture look like? At first she didn't see what I was seeing … but when I said — Does that look like blood? She agreed.

The Great Frog Invasion of Anderson Lake 2010  

3 - LICE

4 - Wild Animals 

.5 - Pestilence 

6 - Boils 

7 - Hail 

8 - Locust 

9 - Darkness 
12 Menachem Av 5772  H/T FROM TOMER DEVORAH
I keep wondering if these ongoing incidences and reports of major electrical outages across the world are a warning of what's to come. I've heard reference to Jewish sources which describe a future period when the entire world will be engulfed by fifteen days of darkness. (Anyone with the actual source for this is invited to post it in the comments section.)


NEW DELHI (AP) -- India's energy crisis cascaded over half the country Tuesday when three of its regional grids collapsed, leaving 620 million people without government-supplied electricity in one of the world's biggest-ever blackouts.

"5 X Worse than Irene"

3 Cheshvan 5772
(H/T Global Disaster Watch)

The deadly snowstorm on US East Coast killed at least six people and left more than three million homes without electricity. 

Snowstorm damage 'five times worse' than Tropical storm Irene - The idea of snow in October - no matter the amount - was far-fetched enough that when forecasts late last week began calling for several inches of snow, many throughout Connecticut were skeptical. Even the most panicked meteorologists, though, weren't aware of just how stunningly powerful this weekend's freak winter storm would be. 

On Sunday night, the president and chief operating officer of Connecticut Light and Power, laid things out in perhaps the most eye-opening way for a state only beginning to move on from Tropical Storm Irene. 

10 - Death of the First-Born .

Chabad site for plagues
DARKNESS AND FIRSTBORN IS LEFT of the plagues. Though SIDS often takes a firstborn child - LET US PRAY THAT WE DO NOT SEE THIS PLAGUE. 

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