Thursday, March 17, 2016

3 DAY TANNIS ie Fast view web version on mobile phone if needed.

H/T A three-day fast (the kind Queen Esther of Persia commanded upon the Jewish People all those many centuries ago) has been declared in Israel (Rabbis Arik Naveh and Yuval Asherov haCohen, shlit"a, are featured in the video below), extending to the Jewish world, and so far over 23,000 have signed up. That's since Shabbat Pekudei, when I first heard about it from a very dear friend of mine in the neighborhood. I couldn't find it online, but fortunately, my friend posted the link in our local e-newsletter, so that I could go there, sign up, and spread the word just that much further.

The dates are Monday-Wednesday, March 21-23. Most who are fasting will begin after Ma'ariv/Arvit prayers Sunday night. 

Those who cannot fast for three days in a row can join the fasting for one or two days or for a few hours.

Those who do not fast should redeem the fast by money, everyone  according to his own ability. Sorrow of money lost equals the sorrow of fasting. The amount should be at least three time 18 NIS for each of the days (NIS 54).



  1. This is a nice gesture of some well meaning persons, but it is much wiser to adhere to the Torah and our Gedolim by fasting on Taanis Esther. Many who begin so early to fast may not be able to do so on the day the Torah commands us to fast.

  2. Most certainly. I would like to have participated but my husband forbade me to do so. Have sn easy tannis.

  3. there going to be another pre-Purim three-day fast this year for 5777 (2017)?