Friday, March 11, 2016

Project Derech Kinder

Your child will turn an about face with this wonderful program that teaches you - to teach your child the proper way of showing honor and respect to parents, teachers and others. 


Purim was coming soon. Dovi was excited. One Sunday, his mother said: “Dovi, today is the day of the Purim carnival! Please hurry to put on your jacket and we’ll be ready to go.”

Uh oh! Dovi’s teacher had said that the children should wear costumes to the carnival. He had to tell Mommy that she had made a mistake; otherwise, Dovi would be the only one there without a costume!

Dovi wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t want to embarrass his mother by saying that she made a mistake. The Torah says that being careful not to embarrass your parent shows yirah. What could he do?

Suddenly, Dovi had an idea. He decided to pretend that he didn’t understand and ask his mother a QUESTION about it. This way, his mother would realize on her own that she had made a mistake. Then she could correct it by herself and not be embarrassed.

“Mommy,” Dovi asked, “Is it possible that we’re supposed to wear costumes to the carnival?”

“I think I had better check the flyer,” Mommy said. Immediately, Mommy walked over to look at the flyer that was hanging on the wall. “Well, you are right, Dovi! I’m glad that you reminded me!”

Asking Mommy a question really worked. And Dovi was so very happy – not because he could now wear his costume, not because he was going to the carnival, and not even because of Purim. Dovi was happy that he had done the mitzvah of not correcting his parent in an embarrassing way. Well done, Dovi!

1. What mistake did Dovi’s mother make?
2. Why did Dovi not want to correct his mother?
3. How did Dovi correct is mother? Why did he use those words?

4. When should you correct a parent? When should you not?

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