My Pics of Sun

Taken at 6:52 PM on June 22 - Red flare behind the sun and clouds is from my flip phone.  At bottom of pic you also see red circles. And you can see the red flare at the 1:00 position. I have 4 pictures in all and red flares behind clouds and sun in all but one. I can't put them up yet because I only have texting on my flip phone and have to text to my husband's phone the pic for him to send via email. I will I'Y HaShem have them up to show the differences - I had to have held the phone differently each time I snapped pictures.

I will be adding the other 3 soon - and will update this page whenever I take more pics.


  1. I don’t believe the source of your comment. Because of the Nibiru system in the sky is WHY WE HAVE EARTHLY DISASTERS of floods, halos, tornados, hurricanes, myriad volcano eruptions, and earth-plate-movements like the San Andreas fault line in California. With greater electronic pull from these sky visitors the greater the disturbances on earth and in sun earth relationship. To understand these things, one has to have been following along with Steve Olson and any other legitimate truthful observer over the last many months of their surveys. I trust them in the work they are doing. OF COURSE HASHEM IS CAUSING ALL THIS TO BRING THE GEULAH. The prophecies have been published by our blog–friends.

    If there is a lens flare in your photo, it would be IN FRONT OF THE CLOUDS, refractions are evident; however, the big red orb you captured that is behind the sun possibly is what we have all been seeing – by observers all over the world. We should possibly send this photo to Steve Olson and he would comment on it.

  2. Someone at work showed me that I can text pictures to an email account - so I have now loaded up the other 3 pics taken at same time as 1st pic. Neshama, in another pic the red orb is in partly in front and partly in back. A gutten Shabbos.

  3. I have often taken photos through out the years but until this pats 8 months I had never taken photos of this red thing looking to be a planet. I capture it quite often now.Something is going on.