Tuesday, February 9, 2016

And I Will Take You to Me for a People

And after Moshiach comes and gathers Jews from the 4 corners - he will not force the Jews to go to him. We will still have free will to choose. Just as as we did in Mitzrayim. There is not a single generation in which Moshe Rabbeinu, a"h, is not it b'sod, "The sun rises and the sun set" (Koheles 1:5),[and] "One generation goes and another comes" (Koheles 1:4),in order to rectify [each] generation. Also, the Generation of the Desert itself with the Mixed Multitude will reincarnate in the final generation, "like in the days of leaving Egypt" (Michah 7:15). (Sha'ar HaGilgulim, Ch.20) Rabbi Pinchas Winston 59 Project One-Fifth


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  1. It takes a certain kind of person to read something like this and actually take it to heart. The rest simply write it off as a negative prophecy that does not have to come to come true. This only makes it more likely, G-d forbid, that it will. Rabbi Pinchas Winston - VISIT HIS SITE - A MUST READ PROJECTONEFIFTH