Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Soul of the Convert and Much More

Converts are the vehicle by which supernal souls descend.....

All these holy and high Neshamot that are designated by the Blessed Holy One to go down below, as we explained, go out at specific times to play in Paradise. There they meet the souls of converts. One that takes hold of one of these souls, and unites with it, merits it, envelops itself within it, and goes out..."

All these holy souls come down into this world to inspire human beings and to take their places as is fitting for each one of them. When they come down each one clothed in those souls that we discussed [the souls of the converts], and that is how they enter into the holy seed......

The Nefesh of the convert is a garment that envelops the higher souls from the levels of Neshama and Ruach, and it is through this exterior garment that envelops them that the Neshamot and Ruchot enter into the physical world. In other words, the Nefesh of the converts is the interface between the higher souls and the physical world. SO WORTHWHILE TO READ/LEARN - FOUND HERE
There are the Nefashot of converts that fall out from the Kelipah of Nogah, which is composed of good and evil, as mentioned in Parshat Vayakhel, pg 203. They are from the marital intercourse of the souls of the tzadikim [righteous ones] that take place every night in the earthly Garden of Paradise, as mentioned in Beshalach, pg 188....... found here
And a big thanks to Rabbi Pinchas Winston who opens the eyes of those searching for emes. 

Will we recognize Kibbutz Golios once it begins? Yes and no, or rather, no and yes. Apparently there are two phases of the ingathering of the exiles. The first one occurs prior to the arrival of Moshiach, over time, and is less noticeable. The second one will be after Moshiach’s arrival, will occur at once, and will be apparent to all, as the following indicates: It is quite well known that God works measure-for-measure. Those who lived in the Diaspora and made efforts and sacrifices to elevate themselves by moving to the Holy Land merited purity of soul. They were not so concerned about their finances and health. They traveled over vast lands and crossed seas, not paying attention to the possibilities of drowning, being robbed along the way, or being taken captive by some strange foreign ruler. Being that they placed priority of their spirit over materialism and physicality, they merit, measure-for-measure, to be elevated to this lofty spiritual plane. On the other hand, you who also had opportunities to go up to Israel, but remained hesitant and reluctant, enamored instead with your materialistic status, making materialism a higher priority than spiritual growth, therefore, measure-for-measure, remain physical . . . However, for those who valued their soul most, they will be transformed into supernal beings and will be led into the earthly Garden of Eden. (Tuv HaAretz: Praise Of Those Who Dwell In Israel At The Time Of Moshiach)  read in full here 

I found Tuv HaAretz on Chabad and I am learning so much! I highly recommend everyone to read it.


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