Thursday, November 24, 2016

Arab Knesset Member is taught Torah

Smiling at this secular Knesset Member giving over a drasha to an Arab Knesset Member

 My Open Letter to the Residents of Red Haifa I guess with all of your Arab Muslim neighbors burning your houses down, you won't be celebrating your co-existence (festival) this year. Perhaps you should learn to love your fellow Jews in Samaria just a few miles away. Stop worshiping your World Public Opinion Popularity god which seems to require that you hate Jewish settlers in Samaria as one of the tenets of your avodah. Intrinsically, it is a good thing to have a day recognizing co-existence between Haifa's monotheistic faiths, but not at the expense of the Jews who live in Samaria just a few miles away from you. And we all know that by the way Red Haifans vote, it has come at the expense of the Jews who are in the vanguard of protecting you rear end between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Let's not sugar coat that.

"Intifadah Eish"
24 Marcheshvan 5777

In case you are unaware of what's happening in Eretz Yisrael, 220 separate fires have been set across the country since Tuesday. But, the situation exploded to an entirely new level today as the city of Haifa became involved in a big way. Every news site bears the headline "Haifa Is Burning". TV coverage has been running a continuous live report throughout the day and now into the night.


  1. Great Video. Its about time they gave over this Rashi! The above Open Letter is actually from Reb Dov Bar Lieb and much more can be read if one is interested at his blog.

  2. Yes, I have the links to both Reb Dov Bar Lieb and to Devash's post. I was hoping that was understood when the mouse hovers over both title's.

  3. Slowly the populace drifts to the Torah-true right!