Monday, November 7, 2016

The Yom Kippur Massacre of 2016

Amazing what one click and another click, and yet another click brings on your screen. And all this time I was told/assured that the chickens would end up in our Yeshivas feeding our children - and going to poor people. After watching this, I will no longer use chickens for Kaporos. I will use money. This truly bothers me - a chillul HaShem - 

Though, I could agree to continue this custom if full-page ads were placed in the nonjewish papers FREE chickens to those is need! After all, who has time to soak, salt, and check if chickens are glatt on erev Yom Kippur?

I saw another video where a person video'd black bags with chickens - many were scattered on top of bags - near sidewalk - on street. I was going to post that video - however, the thought came to me that this person that video'd the black bags could very well have been the person who opened up the bags and threw the chickens all over the place. 

Here is one comment from the video below: So painful and sad to watch. The righteous indignation is heartbreaking.  So disconnected they are from the awareness of the suffering they inflict.  Trump's name invoked! The brainwashing of the children.  In the name of religion. All of this needs revealing, no doubt..shown to the world- where hopefully, the seeds of non-violence toward all living beings are planted and the expansion of love and compassion that's apparent in the film continues to flourish.  Thank you Danny, and all those who showed up to protest, for doing the courageous and necessary thing on behalf of the horribly victimized precious birds.

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  1. Funny how these PETA folk wait for Jewish festivals to protest when they could protest any day at a restaurant that offers lobsters on their menu. Shows you they don't care about lobsters! As for their passion to help the chicken, it is passion driven by hate or self-hate - if you ask me.