Wednesday, November 9, 2016

5777 The Elections Were "Rigged"


 The Elections Were "Rigged" - to hear click here

The Pasuk says in Divre HaYamim: "לְךָ ה' הַמַּמְלָכָה. וְהַמִּתְנַשּא לְכל לְראשׁ"-The kingship belongs to Hashem; He is the one who appoints leaders. The Gemara says on this Pasuk that any person who holds any position in this world was chosen for it only by Hashem. Even the most insignificant positions are appointed from Heaven. The Maharsha asks, why does the Gemara stress that Hashem decides the small positions? Seemingly, it would have been more of a novelty to stress that Hashem appoints even the top position, such as kings and world leaders. He answers that the Gemara wants to teach us the extent of Hashem's involvement with us. He doesn't only care about the major positions. He cares about everyone's role in life. Nothing is too insignificant for Him to be involved with.

The Sefer "Sha'are Kodesh" asks: Why does the Pasuk and the Gemara have to tell us that Hashem decides the leadership positions? Doesn't the Gemara state elsewhere that Hashem decides everything-even stubbing a finger is decreed from above? Isn't it obvious that He appoints leaders? He answers that we might tend to think that we actually have a say in who is chosen, because we were given free will, and we are the ones who cast the votes. Therefore, the Pasuk has to remind us that it's not really us. The extent of a person's free will is to choose between good and evil, between Mitzvot and Averot. Regarding other areas, we are influenced  by Hashem.

The Presidential election was rigged. But, not the way we think. Hashem chose whom He wanted in power-whether it was through us discovering certain information about a candidate or through the influence of the media. The fact that these two candidates were nominated to run for president, is, in itself, mind-boggling. The only explanation is "וְהַמִּתְנַשּא לְכל לְראשׁ". It was all orchestrated by Hashem for a reason we don't yet know.

After a leader is appointed, he is only a puppet in the hands of Hashem, as the Pasuk says in Mishle: "פַּלְגֵי מַיִם לֶב מֶלֶךְ בְּיַד ה' עַל כָּל אֲשֶׁר יַחְפֹּץ יַטֶּנּוּ"-The same way a person can direct a stream of water in any direction he wants, so too Hashem directs the heart of a king in the direction He wants.

Everything that happens in this world is for us to get closer to Hashem. If we are anxious about the future, we should turn to Hashem. If we want certain decisions to be made, we don't have to waste our time pleading with the puppets. We can go directly to the source-the One who is really in control and ask Him to sway hearts in the direction we desire.

May Hashem guide our leaders in a way that will benefit us and the Jewish people at large.

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  1. "...we don't have to waste our time pleading with the puppets."


    I can only hope that Mr. Trump will actually be helpful to Jews who want to make aliyah. That would make a lot of difference, as well as repealing the National Security Act of 1947, if he can come out of that alive.

  2. And let him be like Cyrus and say BEGIN BUILDING THE BEIS HAMIKDASH!

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